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I love capturing perfect little moments like this. This is truly him — when he’s not too busy crawling away, that is! And he’s not even eating grass in this picture — yet!

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A Bouquet of Cosmos

Miss M loves to be a part of everything family. She is always talking about how special our anniversary is because if R & I had never married, we wouldn’t have her. I’m glad she loves being here and belonging to our eternal family.

For our twelfth wedding anniversary, Miss M wanted to make me a bouquet.

I gave her a few pointers about creating bouquets, a vase, and a pair of scissors — and let her loose in my garden! As much as I would have liked to stay and help her, I walked away and let her have her creative independence.

And this is what she presented to me:

I might be biased, but I think she has a creative talent!

Shrinking Tiger ~ 10 Months

Have you ever tried to get an active little crawler hold still long enough to get a posed shot? If you haven’t, you’re lucky. Trying to get him to hold still long enough to get a picture with him and his tiger is a feat that few might attempt and fewer would accomplish.

See the mischievous look on his face?

I have wondered, lately,  if I should have done the “Shrinking Tiger” photos of him sleeping with his tiger. . .

See. Quiet and peaceful and motionless. Easy to take pictures of. . .

Instead, I have pictures like these:

You get the picture, right?

And, there are moments where I wonder why I decided to put myself through all this, just to get a picture of a “Shrinking Tiger” when I had plenty of other pictures of him doing various things.

It’s moments when he is crying, crawling away, tearing down the quilt, interested in anything but me. . . I wonder why. . .

And then I get this:

It’s worth every moment — EVERY single moment! Two little front teeth poking out of his impish smile. The dimples in his chin and hands. Chubby little fat rolls. Squinty eyes and the precious giggle that the camera can’t capture.

A simple precious moment of pure Joy!

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Shrinking Tiger ~ 9 Months

With slight delay, may I present Little D and his Incredible Shrinking Tiger!


Things have been a bit busy and crazy around here with a little crawler on the loose. (Hence the lack of posting lately). I’m hoping I can corral the little guy enough that I can get a bunch of posts posted soon and get caught up. Wish me long naps and a few good nights’ sleep! 😉


He’s been captured!

One thing I adore about my round crib. . . lots of space. Enough space for him to crawl and scoot around in.

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Shrinking Tiger ~ 8 Months

July flew right past and we have already made it to August! Phew! Another month brings another picture of the Incredible Shrinking Tiger!


8 Months Old:

Changes since last month:

  • He is finally siting up all on his own, unassisted.
  • He wants to move even more; he rolls across the room, and he scoots across the floor on his left side, dragging with his right arm. He is trying to crawl, but gets his arms going faster than his legs so he usually ends up on his tummy/side.
  • He is starting to wear 18 month clothing. It’s hard to believe he’s already outgrowing some 12 month clothes! That’s 3 sizes over the summer!

Other things about Little D:

  • He loves to smile for the camera. It’s hard to capture him doing everyday type of things because as soon as I pull the camera out, he poses and smiles. So much for the candid pictures — I love it!
  • He loves his walker but gets frustrated with our small house with so many different surfaces. He tries so hard to follow Miss M around the house.
  • His cheeks and his thighs get the most attention. He likes to pose on his side, propped up on his elbow, showing off his thighs. (I really need a photo of this!)
  • Since he rejected bottles, he is learning to drink water from a sippy cup, and finally is getting the hang of it.
  • He dislikes diaper changes. He squirms and flips over and tries to crawl away. He also does the same thing when I change his clothes.
  • He is very friendly and will let anyone hold him.
  • He loves to pull hair and earrings, except for mine which he doesn’t ever touch. His favorite is Miss M’s hair.
  • He loves his feet. When I’m feeding him he often grabs one of his feet and holds it.
  • People are amazed at his hair and say it looks like I give him a buzz cut. (I’ve never trimmed his hair.)
  • He loves to ride in his stroller and go places. It doesn’t seem to matter where we go, as long as we are going somewhere.
  • He loves to use binkies as chew toys.



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I thought everything was out of his reach.

I was wrong.


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Shrinking Tiger ~ 7 Months

Scroll down, down, down. . .

. . . and now. . .

7 Months!

Many things have  changed in the last month.

  • He is now rolling over — and across the room.
  • He scoots (backwards) and rotates and is beginning to rock up on his knees.
  • He is sitting up really well but still needs some assistance and lots of padding.
  • He talks up a storm — but usually only when he is upset at us.

He has also developed much more personality:

  • He loves to watch his sister and giggles and laughs at the things she does.
  • He is very observant. He loves to watch people and the things they do.
  • He is very easy-going and happy.
  • He is very active and curious about everything.
  • Everything and anything goes in his mouth.
  • He is very brave and daring.
  • He loves food. Any food so far. But he doesn’t really like to eat off a spoon.
  • He is wearing 12 month clothing.
  • He has two little teeth.
  • He loves, loves, loves hammers and tools.

All his recent motor developments are very fun but it does make it more difficult to get pictures with Tiger. . .


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