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Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was Miss M’s last day of Kindergarten. She was pretty upset because she wants to continue kindergarten forever. She adores her teacher, Mrs. L.

To thank Mrs. L, we made this can:

It says: Thank “Whoo” for teaching me all the things I “can” do!

And she wrote her own special message:

Mrs. L, I love kindergarten. I will miss it. I will say hello every morning. I will really really miss you. I’m ready for first grade. I’m a big girl now. Woo hoo!

“Hugs” and “Kisses”

Love, M

The can is filled with Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs.

Recipe to Grow a Plant

Miss M planting and growing peas.

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Kindergarten Zoo

The kindergarten class had their Zoo Program last Friday. They taught us about the five groups of animals; Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish and Birds. They sang songs and had speaking parts. It was fun to see their enthusiasm.

Here is Miss M (in the pink) waiting to start their program. Her best friend is sitting behind her.

Craning her neck (like a giraffe) trying to find us.

Little D Enjoyed some attention too.

“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

“Go, Rockin’ Robin!”


“Oh, no! It’s been eaten by an. . .Oct-o-pus, oct-o-pus. . .”

A picture with Gramma Patty, Grampa Cody and Little D

Picture with mom and dad.


It was so much fun seeing all the little kids doing their parts and acting out the songs. I wish I could see them perform it all over again.

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Pajamas & Teddy Bears

Today was pajama and Teddy Bear day at school. Miss M was so excited to not get dressed and to take Teddy her.

This is “Teddy” who has been one of her favored ‘Snuggles’ since she was a baby. He looks like a Teddy Bear is supposed to — ragged and worn out and loved.

One of the other Snuggle Teddy Bears, “Ted” (not pictured) didn’t get to go because he normally sleeps during the day and would be to tired, which would make him too whiny. (Sounds like good reasoning to me!) So, she made sure “Teddy” went to bed early so he could go to school with her.

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This morning, Miss M woke up excited to see the snow. I just thought it was a cruel trick.

Miss M had forgotten all about the Tooth Fairy. With a little reminding, she ran back into her room to check under her pillow.

She was very excited to find the Tooth Fairy had not let her down. She got some gold $1 coins and new toothbrushes and toothpaste. . . and she got to keep her teeth. . . since she couldn’t ‘keep one of dad’s or mom’s’

Then she was off to school for the class Halloween party. She wore her new footprint ghost t-shirt we made yesterday.

After school she got to play in the snow.

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Back to School (For the First Time)

Mercedes was so excited to learn that her kindergarten teacher would be Mrs. L. I told her that she was one of my Young women’s advisors a few *wink* years ago and that she would love her, so I’m sure that helped her not be so nervous about starting school. It also helped that Mrs. L knew her name from the beginning. Miss M felt pretty special.

She also found out one of her friends, Miss A, is in her class. On back to school night, we were walking to the school, and we ended up walking right behind Miss A’s family. Miss M ran up and grabbed her hand to walk with her.

On back to school night, Miss M showed us her name she wrote on the door.

And before the parents’ meeting started, Miss M and R had some fun with the camera.

It’s odd to have a child in school. I hardly know what to do with myself!  So far, she has come home every day, filled with stories and bubbling with excitement. I’m glad she loves it so much. She comes home every day and tells me she tried to be the best kid in class, and that she behaved herself. She is still nervous about heading out to the playground each morning, but I’m sure that will pass as soon as she makes a few more friends. She says she has already met a few, but doesn’t remember their names. We’re working on that though!

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Kindergarten, Here She Comes!

Today was the first day of Kindergarten. Unfortunately we had a downpour, so our plans of walking to school were foiled. It still worked out but it was a bit chaotic. Instead hanging up her backpack and going out to the playground, the kids all sat along the benches. Miss M was a little bit nervous, sitting by herself but you would have never known by her smile and pose.

I’m proud to say neither of us (Or R, who was able to be there) didn’t shed a tear. (I did get a little teary-eyed watching some of the other moms cry though!)

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