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Miss M’s Birthday

This last week we celebrated Miss M’s birthday. For the week leading up to her birthday, R and I were constantly singing “Happy Birthweek to you” to her. She loved hearing it and every single time, her face would light up and she would thank us after.

She loved every minute of it.

Round 1:

We had lunch with Gramma Patty & Grampa Cody and then returned to their house for presents.

Gramma Patty tried to sty out of the picture.

She got a doll.

Every doll (and girl) needs plenty of shoes!

Biggest Hug Ever!

Telling the cat to do his duties (play with the wrapping paper)

Patiently waiting to try out the shoes.

Round 2:

We went to Aunt M & Uncle T’s house for cake and ice cream.

She got her “Littlest Pet Shop” cake she wanted — with a big pink rose.

She got lots of girly wrapping and gifts.

And made a special wish when she blew out her candles.

Round 3:

On the morning of her actual birthday, we made her favorite breakfast of pancakes (mickey-mouse-shaped) and bacon. Then we gave her the rest of her gifts before we got ready for church.

Happy Birthday Miss M!

The End (until next year)

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Back to School (For the First Time)

Mercedes was so excited to learn that her kindergarten teacher would be Mrs. L. I told her that she was one of my Young women’s advisors a few *wink* years ago and that she would love her, so I’m sure that helped her not be so nervous about starting school. It also helped that Mrs. L knew her name from the beginning. Miss M felt pretty special.

She also found out one of her friends, Miss A, is in her class. On back to school night, we were walking to the school, and we ended up walking right behind Miss A’s family. Miss M ran up and grabbed her hand to walk with her.

On back to school night, Miss M showed us her name she wrote on the door.

And before the parents’ meeting started, Miss M and R had some fun with the camera.

It’s odd to have a child in school. I hardly know what to do with myself!  So far, she has come home every day, filled with stories and bubbling with excitement. I’m glad she loves it so much. She comes home every day and tells me she tried to be the best kid in class, and that she behaved herself. She is still nervous about heading out to the playground each morning, but I’m sure that will pass as soon as she makes a few more friends. She says she has already met a few, but doesn’t remember their names. We’re working on that though!

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A Special Gift

Miss M has a special gift for making those around her feel special. She is so giving and thoughtful. It seems everyday R and I get special notes, cards, pictures, etc. from her, telling us how much she loves us and how special we are.

Today during her quiet time, she kept calling out, asking me questions. “Mom? What’s your favorite time of day? What’s your favorite color again?” Then when she was ready, she called me into her room. As I opened the door, this is what I found. (Besides her standing there with an innocent pose and a sweet smile.)

She decorated a box and filled it with “Special Things” to remind me how special I am.

Some of these are her favorite things. The notepaper in the bottom of the box has my name and the number “7” because that’s my favorite number and time of day. She knows how much I like to make lists, so she made me a grocery list, decorated with her name so I can go shopping while she is at school, and remember her. She wanted to give me a picture of Jesus Christ so I would always remember that He loves me as much as she does.

Does it get any better than this?