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This morning, Miss M woke up excited to see the snow. I just thought it was a cruel trick.

Miss M had forgotten all about the Tooth Fairy. With a little reminding, she ran back into her room to check under her pillow.

She was very excited to find the Tooth Fairy had not let her down. She got some gold $1 coins and new toothbrushes and toothpaste. . . and she got to keep her teeth. . . since she couldn’t ‘keep one of dad’s or mom’s’

Then she was off to school for the class Halloween party. She wore her new footprint ghost t-shirt we made yesterday.

After school she got to play in the snow.

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Tooth Fairy

Last night, while at Gramma Patty & Grampa Cody’s house, Miss M wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy on paper Grampa cut out in the shape of teeth.

Gramma gave her a book about the Tooth Fairy which included a purple/gold pouch to put your teeth in so the Tooth Fairy could find them easily.


Dear Tooth Fairy,

I want to keep my tooth because these are my first two and they are pretty special because I want to keep one. I can’t keep one of dad’s or mom’s because you already took them.


Then before bed, she asked if the Tooth Fairy was ‘real or imagination’. . .

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Loose Teeth

For about a month now, Miss M has been talking about her teeth ‘moving and wiggling.’ I’m afraid I didn’t pay much attention, thinking I had another year before we got to that stage.

So, about a week ago we were sitting at the bookstore when she told me her tongue was making her teeth wiggle. I felt, and sure enough — her two bottom front teeth were loose. Not only were they loose, but they were wiggling around quite a bit.

She was pretty proud, and told me, “Mommy, you really should be a better listener. I really do know what I’m talking about. Ok? So next time I tell you my tooth is moving you have to believe me, right?”

So, of course, loose teeth leads to the talk of the Tooth Fairy.

“I wonder what the tooth fairy is going to give me? I bet she will give me something wonderful!”

I don’t know what, exactly, she expects from the tooth fairy, but I know more than money is involved.

Finally, this morning, she was eating breakfast and a tooth fell out. Luckily, she felt it and called Daddy in and spit it out.

We sent her off to school with talk of the tooth fairy coming tonight.

Then she came running out of school with a ziploc baggie and a second tooth. She said she was doing her homework at her table and it just fell out onto the table.

So, what does the tooth fairy give for not only a first tooth, but two first teeth in the same day? I don’t know yet, but I think she better deliver some goods tonight. 😉

When we were discussing what to do with the teeth once they fell out, she asked what I did with my teeth. I told her I put them in a sock under my pillow. Her response:

“Mom, can I put my tooth in a sock just like in the olden days?”

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