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Bob the Builder

They both like watching Bob the Builder. . .

. . .and he’s even wearing his tractor shirt and cement truck shoes.

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Miss M would like to inform you; the baby is sleeping. . .

Don’t Disturb!

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Shrinking Tiger ~ 2 Months

Newborn/1 Week/1 Month

And Now ~ 2 Months Old

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Happy Gine Pigs Day! ;)

When I picked up Miss M from school today, I asked her if they talked about Groundhog day.

“Groundhog Day — Didn’t you talk about Groundhog Day? You know, about Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow?”
“Well, let me tell you all about him. . .”

As we went about our errands, Miss M found a calendar featuring baby horses she wanted. Being the responsible parent, trying to teach her about calendars and time (aka:Pushover), I got it for her.

When I hung it asked her if she wanted to see the January picture for a couple days before we switched it to February. I hung January up on the wall and she shut her door to begin her quiet time.

Not long after, she called me into her room to see her calendar. Since today’s special holiday wasn’t on the calendar, she added it on her own.

Happy “Gine Pigs Day”

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