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Fancy Ham

She says she can’t eat a ham sandwich unless she’s fancy.

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He thinks he’s ready to take off and fly already. I’m not so sure. . .

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Webster’s Dictionary Definition of Earmarked: 1 a: to mark (livestock) with an earmark, b: to mark in a distinguishing manner 2: to designate (as funds) for a specific use or owner <money earmarked for education>

My definition of Earmarked: When you look down at your arm after feeding your baby and see the print of his ear.
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~Hoppy Easter!~

Hoppy Easter from Miss M & Little D!

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More Baby B

Grandma Patty with Baby B

The mother, Miss J (looking rather content and happy)

Baby B in all her finery. She’s looking pretty fancy with all her accessories.

She woke for a moment.

Then promptly returned to slumberland.

Baby B and Miss J.

Awwww. . .

Very sweet little girl.

And very content.

Meanwhile, out in the waiting area, Grampa C and Little D waited patiently.

Little D is wearing his “Grandpa’s Best Friend” outfit which is even sporting a St. Bernard. (We used to have a St. Bernard, named Tassie. We miss her still.)

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Every time I see a newborn baby, I am simply amazed how tiny they are. I swear Little D was never this small, but he was. . . for a couple hours at least. I think watching newborns grow is like watching spring flowers emerge and bloom. Every day you notice little changes.

Introducing my new little niece, Miss B. Isn’t she precious?

She wouldn’t give her daddy a burp. She yawned, squeeked, and hiccuped. But no burp.

And I’m so proud of my brother. He’s taken to fatherhood quite naturally. (He’s into it less than 24 hours.)

7 pounds 14 ounces and 20.5 inches long:

Welcome Miss B!

Gromu’s List

Miss M wrote a list of things to do with Gromu (Grandma) Patty tonight:


  • Watch Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse
  • Find Scaredy Cat and play with him
  • Go on a walk down the parkway
  • Check the mailbox
  • and gardening
  • Look at flowers
  • Give Grandma hugs, and kisses, too
  • Scrapbook
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It Made My Day

Every night we go through the same bedtime routine. Every night, Miss M tries to find ways to delay going to bed. She fights sleep. I always have to remind her that when we tuck her in bed, she needs to keep her head on the pillow.


Because she would never go to bed if left to her own devices.

So tonight, I noticed her door was cracked open. It looked like trouble.

But — this is what I found in the doorway:

And this is what I found in her bed:

She did tuck herself in, snuggle up, and go to sleep. But only after she left a special note to tell us that we are the best and she loves us.

It totally made my day.

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Look at this cute family.

This is my sister and her family. They just submitted their profile for another adoption. Best wishes to them!




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Little D’s Birth Story

“The Little Baby”

Written and illustrated by: Mercedes (Miss M)

“One night, a baby was going to be born.”

“She got ready for the baby. She took some deep breaths.”

“The baby was going to be born. She pushed the baby out. The baby came out of her tummy. The baby cried and cried.”

“We went upstairs on the elevator.” (Picture of the waiting room.)

(But we could also have taken the stairs — shown on the right. The left picture is in the elevator, which they did take.)

“We hold-ed the baby. I laid with mom.”

“And that’s the end of the story.”

And here is the special picture of the author and her book.

I love her re-telling. I don’t remember seeing the moon on the night he was born. I love how she shows me taking deep breaths. I don’t remember the baby crying and crying, but I guess that’s what they are supposed to do, right?

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