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I thought everything was out of his reach.

I was wrong.


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Shrinking Tiger ~ 7 Months

Scroll down, down, down. . .

. . . and now. . .

7 Months!

Many things haveĀ  changed in the last month.

  • He is now rolling over — and across the room.
  • He scoots (backwards) and rotates and is beginning to rock up on his knees.
  • He is sitting up really well but still needs some assistance and lots of padding.
  • He talks up a storm — but usually only when he is upset at us.

He has also developed much more personality:

  • He loves to watch his sister and giggles and laughs at the things she does.
  • He is very observant. He loves to watch people and the things they do.
  • He is very easy-going and happy.
  • He is very active and curious about everything.
  • Everything and anything goes in his mouth.
  • He is very brave and daring.
  • He loves food. Any food so far. But he doesn’t really like to eat off a spoon.
  • He is wearing 12 month clothing.
  • He has two little teeth.
  • He loves, loves, loves hammers and tools.

All his recent motor developments are very fun but it does make it more difficult to get pictures with Tiger. . .


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~Happy Independence Day!~

We hope to find you well and happy. I am so grateful for all our freedom and for all those who have fought and worked so hard to maintain the liberties we have in this wonderful country. Thank you!

Happy Independence Day!

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