Shrinking Tiger ~ 10 Months

Have you ever tried to get an active little crawler hold still long enough to get a posed shot? If you haven’t, you’re lucky. Trying to get him to hold still long enough to get a picture with him and his tiger is a feat that few might attempt and fewer would accomplish.

See the mischievous look on his face?

I have wondered, lately,  if I should have done the “Shrinking Tiger” photos of him sleeping with his tiger. . .

See. Quiet and peaceful and motionless. Easy to take pictures of. . .

Instead, I have pictures like these:

You get the picture, right?

And, there are moments where I wonder why I decided to put myself through all this, just to get a picture of a “Shrinking Tiger” when I had plenty of other pictures of him doing various things.

It’s moments when he is crying, crawling away, tearing down the quilt, interested in anything but me. . . I wonder why. . .

And then I get this:

It’s worth every moment — EVERY single moment! Two little front teeth poking out of his impish smile. The dimples in his chin and hands. Chubby little fat rolls. Squinty eyes and the precious giggle that the camera can’t capture.

A simple precious moment of pure Joy!

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