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Shrinking Tiger ~ 7 Months

Scroll down, down, down. . .

. . . and now. . .

7 Months!

Many things haveĀ  changed in the last month.

  • He is now rolling over — and across the room.
  • He scoots (backwards) and rotates and is beginning to rock up on his knees.
  • He is sitting up really well but still needs some assistance and lots of padding.
  • He talks up a storm — but usually only when he is upset at us.

He has also developed much more personality:

  • He loves to watch his sister and giggles and laughs at the things she does.
  • He is very observant. He loves to watch people and the things they do.
  • He is very easy-going and happy.
  • He is very active and curious about everything.
  • Everything and anything goes in his mouth.
  • He is very brave and daring.
  • He loves food. Any food so far. But he doesn’t really like to eat off a spoon.
  • He is wearing 12 month clothing.
  • He has two little teeth.
  • He loves, loves, loves hammers and tools.

All his recent motor developments are very fun but it does make it more difficult to get pictures with Tiger. . .


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~Happy Independence Day!~

We hope to find you well and happy. I am so grateful for all our freedom and for all those who have fought and worked so hard to maintain the liberties we have in this wonderful country. Thank you!

Happy Independence Day!

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Little D and the Hammer

This kid knows what he likes!

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Guess What?


I didn’t even know. He is so easy-going. I decided to see if they were even close and got a surprise! One is through and the other one is right behind.

Miss M wanted to know if the tooth fairy would come visit him to celebrate his first tooth.

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mick PLees

After putting Little D down for a nap, I walked into the kitchen to this sight:

“Please get me some milk, Mommy, and come in my room. Mom, please serve the milk to me.”

Sometimes I wonder where she gets her ideas. . .

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Bedtime Delay

Miss M is notorious for delaying bedtime. Tonight, after tucking her into bed, I was sitting at the kitchen table. *click* I heard her bedroom door open. At this point, I usually say, “M, what are you doing?” In my best motherly voice that says this better be a really good reason or you are in trouble.

However, I didn’t say anything while waiting for her to walk in, giving me her excuse. Instead, I heard a little rustling just around the corner, and saw the top of her head bobbing just barely within sight.

Then I heard little sneaky footsteps back into her room and *click*

Before I could get up to see what was going on, I heard another *click* more sneaky footsteps, something dropping and sliding on the floor, footsteps and *click*

Then I did get up to investigate, and this is what I found:


I walked into her bedroom and gave her a hug.

“You know, Mommy. When it’s still light outside, I just can’t possibly help it. I have to make cards and notes for you. It’s just what I have to do. See the light?”

She is just like I was, always writing notes for people, and just like her dad who can’t go to sleep when it’s light out.

And, yes, I see the light.

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Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was Miss M’s last day of Kindergarten. She was pretty upset because she wants to continue kindergarten forever. She adores her teacher, Mrs. L.

To thank Mrs. L, we made this can:

It says: Thank “Whoo” for teaching me all the things I “can” do!

And she wrote her own special message:

Mrs. L, I love kindergarten. I will miss it. I will say hello every morning. I will really really miss you. I’m ready for first grade. I’m a big girl now. Woo hoo!

“Hugs” and “Kisses”

Love, M

The can is filled with Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs.

Shrinking Tiger ~ 6 Months



We’ve been working on a lot of things around the yard this year.

This week, we got a bunch of bushes that will one day be a hedge “fence” separating the front/back yard on the hillside. (If you heard someone complaining that ‘some lady’ bought all the bushes at Costco — that was me. Sorry!)

This hillside used to be covered with weeds, and had an irrigation ditch running the length of it. We filled in the ditch with a Christmas tree, among other things. Oh, and dirt. (I think I am going to have to dig through old photos. . .) We installed sprinklers and laid sod. It was quite the project, but it has been a very nice addition to our yard.

Even Miss M came out to help. And Little D did his work, too, if you consider distraction as part of his job description.

Even Blue and Kota did their jobs supervising and sleeping on the job.

Little D tried to steal Miss M’s ring pop.

Believe it or not, I actually did plant a few of the bushes. I just wasn’t able to take pictures of myself for proof.

R did a great job. It was fun watching him do most the work.

He even smiles a bit when he works!

Mercedes smiled every time the camera made an appearance — her best job.

But she also helped smooth out the soil — with a smile, of course.

Little D supervised. He also multi-tasked by making his toys walk the plank. It was pretty serious work.

And finally! A real smile! (Because he just planted the last bush.)

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Pinafore Fashion Statement

On Sunday, Miss M decided she was going to help us out by getting dressed on her own. She came prancing into the kitchen so proud of herself in her pinafore dress Gramma Patty made for her. . .

What do you think? Are alternately worn pinafores making a come-back?

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