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We’ve been working on a lot of things around the yard this year.

This week, we got a bunch of bushes that will one day be a hedge “fence” separating the front/back yard on the hillside. (If you heard someone complaining that ‘some lady’ bought all the bushes at Costco — that was me. Sorry!)

This hillside used to be covered with weeds, and had an irrigation ditch running the length of it. We filled in the ditch with a Christmas tree, among other things. Oh, and dirt. (I think I am going to have to dig through old photos. . .) We installed sprinklers and laid sod. It was quite the project, but it has been a very nice addition to our yard.

Even Miss M came out to help. And Little D did his work, too, if you consider distraction as part of his job description.

Even Blue and Kota did their jobs supervising and sleeping on the job.

Little D tried to steal Miss M’s ring pop.

Believe it or not, I actually did plant a few of the bushes. I just wasn’t able to take pictures of myself for proof.

R did a great job. It was fun watching him do most the work.

He even smiles a bit when he works!

Mercedes smiled every time the camera made an appearance — her best job.

But she also helped smooth out the soil — with a smile, of course.

Little D supervised. He also multi-tasked by making his toys walk the plank. It was pretty serious work.

And finally! A real smile! (Because he just planted the last bush.)

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Happy Gine Pigs Day! ;)

When I picked up Miss M from school today, I asked her if they talked about Groundhog day.

“Groundhog Day — Didn’t you talk about Groundhog Day? You know, about Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow?”
“Well, let me tell you all about him. . .”

As we went about our errands, Miss M found a calendar featuring baby horses she wanted. Being the responsible parent, trying to teach her about calendars and time (aka:Pushover), I got it for her.

When I hung it asked her if she wanted to see the January picture for a couple days before we switched it to February. I hung January up on the wall and she shut her door to begin her quiet time.

Not long after, she called me into her room to see her calendar. Since today’s special holiday wasn’t on the calendar, she added it on her own.

Happy “Gine Pigs Day”

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Gumby Walk

This is what I’ve been feeling like for the past couple days. . . While I’m not waddling, one leg or the other has been giving out on me at random and usually inopportune moments. I think it was my oldest sis who referred to it as “The Gumby Walk.” It’s pretty humorous if you ever get a chance to see it.

And this is what I’m looking like at 37 weeks pregnant:

The nursery and all the other projects around the house are beginning to fall into place. Hopefully things will be ready in 3 weeks! If not, well — it will eventually!

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