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Julie’s Baby Shower

Here are some highlights of my sis-in-laws baby shower. I’m sure she will blog the full details so I will leave that to her.

What’s a baby shower without a collection of sweets? (We also followed up the luncheon with cheesecake and triple berry sauce. Mmmmm.)

These are the projects I made for baby Brooklyn’s room.

We hung some of the clothes Gramma Patty gave her. Some.

Some more clothes. Oh so cute!

And the Guest of honor, Julie & Brooklyn!

My sister J, made this oh-so-adorable quilt for Brooklyn.

Miss M took her job as the door greeter very seriously.

Grampa took his job of holding sleepy Little D seriously enough that he too, fell asleep.

Clean-up time. Miss M loves this vacuum.

Miss M packaged some of the decorations for “Joolei” to keep for Brooklyn’s scrapbook.

And a very big thanks to my sister A and my mom for making this shower a success!

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This is a continuation of my little project. My sister and I got together to make these adorable invitations.

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A Little Project

This is a little project I have been working on. There will be more pictures of the full event to come (since it hasn’t happened yet.) I’m pretty excited about it and I can hardly wait until Saturday but you can ensure I will be back to share some pictures then!