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This week, we were able to have Miss M’s “most favorite and best friend in the whole wide world” (Miss A) over for a play date. I love watching these two girls together. While I was preparing to mop the kitchen floor, they decided they wanted to work on projects. As I was pulling out the broom, they were pulling out project supplies. When I turned around, they were setting up their project station right in the middle of the kitchen floor.

“We need a really, really large area that has a hard floor so we can do all our projects, mom. My table isn’t big enough and my carpet is too soft.”

I guess that calls for a change of plans on my part.

Halfway through, we had to scoot everything off to the side so we could make pancakes for lunch. As soon as lunch was finished, they went right back to work.

I have never seen so many craft projects going on at once.

Besides school, a break for lunch, a walk, and dinner — Miss M spent the entire day crafting. I think she totaled 7+ hours of crafts.

I love how these girls enjoy each others’ company. They never want the play date to end. Next week, Miss A is spending the day again and we have lots of things in store. I think more projects might be in the works after feeding horses, making pancakes, and planting a pot of flowers.

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