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“I Got One All By Myself!”

Back in June (I’m playing catch-up along the way), Miss M, my Mother-in-law Sherry and I took a road trip up to Idaho to see her sister, Cherlynn’s, family. It was a long drive, but parts of it were beautiful. It was so beautiful to see their home and their family was so welcoming, I’m ready to move in next door.

The highlight of our first day there was chasing chickens and turkeys with Big T and Little T. I loved seeing Miss M’s enthusiasm over chasing the chickens!

Miss M Chasing chickens.

Big T and the turkey he caught.

One of the chickens. Love the headdress!

Little T and another poor unfortunate turkey.

And a video:

The crowning moment: “I got one all by myself!” (Said with all the enthusiasm of a Utah girl who does not have the opportunity of catching chickens everyday.)

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