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mick PLees

After putting Little D down for a nap, I walked into the kitchen to this sight:

“Please get me some milk, Mommy, and come in my room. Mom, please serve the milk to me.”

Sometimes I wonder where she gets her ideas. . .

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Bedtime Delay

Miss M is notorious for delaying bedtime. Tonight, after tucking her into bed, I was sitting at the kitchen table. *click* I heard her bedroom door open. At this point, I usually say, “M, what are you doing?” In my best motherly voice that says this better be a really good reason or you are in trouble.

However, I didn’t say anything while waiting for her to walk in, giving me her excuse. Instead, I heard a little rustling just around the corner, and saw the top of her head bobbing just barely within sight.

Then I heard little sneaky footsteps back into her room and *click*

Before I could get up to see what was going on, I heard another *click* more sneaky footsteps, something dropping and sliding on the floor, footsteps and *click*

Then I did get up to investigate, and this is what I found:


I walked into her bedroom and gave her a hug.

“You know, Mommy. When it’s still light outside, I just can’t possibly help it. I have to make cards and notes for you. It’s just what I have to do. See the light?”

She is just like I was, always writing notes for people, and just like her dad who can’t go to sleep when it’s light out.

And, yes, I see the light.

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