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I love capturing perfect little moments like this. This is truly him — when he’s not too busy crawling away, that is! And he’s not even eating grass in this picture — yet!

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A Bouquet of Cosmos

Miss M loves to be a part of everything family. She is always talking about how special our anniversary is because if R & I had never married, we wouldn’t have her. I’m glad she loves being here and belonging to our eternal family.

For our twelfth wedding anniversary, Miss M wanted to make me a bouquet.

I gave her a few pointers about creating bouquets, a vase, and a pair of scissors — and let her loose in my garden! As much as I would have liked to stay and help her, I walked away and let her have her creative independence.

And this is what she presented to me:

I might be biased, but I think she has a creative talent!

Shrinking Tiger ~ 10 Months

Have you ever tried to get an active little crawler hold still long enough to get a posed shot? If you haven’t, you’re lucky. Trying to get him to hold still long enough to get a picture with him and his tiger is a feat that few might attempt and fewer would accomplish.

See the mischievous look on his face?

I have wondered, lately,  if I should have done the “Shrinking Tiger” photos of him sleeping with his tiger. . .

See. Quiet and peaceful and motionless. Easy to take pictures of. . .

Instead, I have pictures like these:

You get the picture, right?

And, there are moments where I wonder why I decided to put myself through all this, just to get a picture of a “Shrinking Tiger” when I had plenty of other pictures of him doing various things.

It’s moments when he is crying, crawling away, tearing down the quilt, interested in anything but me. . . I wonder why. . .

And then I get this:

It’s worth every moment — EVERY single moment! Two little front teeth poking out of his impish smile. The dimples in his chin and hands. Chubby little fat rolls. Squinty eyes and the precious giggle that the camera can’t capture.

A simple precious moment of pure Joy!

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~Happy Independence Day!~

We hope to find you well and happy. I am so grateful for all our freedom and for all those who have fought and worked so hard to maintain the liberties we have in this wonderful country. Thank you!

Happy Independence Day!

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mick PLees

After putting Little D down for a nap, I walked into the kitchen to this sight:

“Please get me some milk, Mommy, and come in my room. Mom, please serve the milk to me.”

Sometimes I wonder where she gets her ideas. . .

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Bedtime Delay

Miss M is notorious for delaying bedtime. Tonight, after tucking her into bed, I was sitting at the kitchen table. *click* I heard her bedroom door open. At this point, I usually say, “M, what are you doing?” In my best motherly voice that says this better be a really good reason or you are in trouble.

However, I didn’t say anything while waiting for her to walk in, giving me her excuse. Instead, I heard a little rustling just around the corner, and saw the top of her head bobbing just barely within sight.

Then I heard little sneaky footsteps back into her room and *click*

Before I could get up to see what was going on, I heard another *click* more sneaky footsteps, something dropping and sliding on the floor, footsteps and *click*

Then I did get up to investigate, and this is what I found:


I walked into her bedroom and gave her a hug.

“You know, Mommy. When it’s still light outside, I just can’t possibly help it. I have to make cards and notes for you. It’s just what I have to do. See the light?”

She is just like I was, always writing notes for people, and just like her dad who can’t go to sleep when it’s light out.

And, yes, I see the light.

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Every time I see a newborn baby, I am simply amazed how tiny they are. I swear Little D was never this small, but he was. . . for a couple hours at least. I think watching newborns grow is like watching spring flowers emerge and bloom. Every day you notice little changes.

Introducing my new little niece, Miss B. Isn’t she precious?

She wouldn’t give her daddy a burp. She yawned, squeeked, and hiccuped. But no burp.

And I’m so proud of my brother. He’s taken to fatherhood quite naturally. (He’s into it less than 24 hours.)

7 pounds 14 ounces and 20.5 inches long:

Welcome Miss B!

It Made My Day

Every night we go through the same bedtime routine. Every night, Miss M tries to find ways to delay going to bed. She fights sleep. I always have to remind her that when we tuck her in bed, she needs to keep her head on the pillow.


Because she would never go to bed if left to her own devices.

So tonight, I noticed her door was cracked open. It looked like trouble.

But — this is what I found in the doorway:

And this is what I found in her bed:

She did tuck herself in, snuggle up, and go to sleep. But only after she left a special note to tell us that we are the best and she loves us.

It totally made my day.

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Little D’s Birth Story

“The Little Baby”

Written and illustrated by: Mercedes (Miss M)

“One night, a baby was going to be born.”

“She got ready for the baby. She took some deep breaths.”

“The baby was going to be born. She pushed the baby out. The baby came out of her tummy. The baby cried and cried.”

“We went upstairs on the elevator.” (Picture of the waiting room.)

(But we could also have taken the stairs — shown on the right. The left picture is in the elevator, which they did take.)

“We hold-ed the baby. I laid with mom.”

“And that’s the end of the story.”

And here is the special picture of the author and her book.

I love her re-telling. I don’t remember seeing the moon on the night he was born. I love how she shows me taking deep breaths. I don’t remember the baby crying and crying, but I guess that’s what they are supposed to do, right?

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