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Dancing in the Rain

A couple days ago Miss M and I were heading out the door to the grocery store. I was tired and worn out and I was dreading the trip. My feet were tired, and I was dragging my feet. I wanted to impress the Hubby with some real food for dinner, rather than scrounging up something from the freezer, so I convinced the whiny daughter that there was no other option and we had to leave the house.

As we walked outside, I was staring at the ground. I saw a couple dark spots on the concrete, and being frustrated, I looked up in the sky. What I saw, took my breath away. To the north, there were blue skies, but just above us, the clouds were dark and heavy. It started out with a few large drops (I call them large because I was corrected by Miss M that ‘fat’ was not an appropriate word, and that calling the raindrops ‘fat’ was, in fact, very mean.).

Miss M wailed that she didn’t want to get wet in the rain, and that she had to find her umbrella before we could go. I had a choice. I could either be grumpy and just make her deal with it, or I could have some fun. Luckily, I opted for fun. We sat down on the stairs and watched as the rain began to fall, coming faster and heavier by the minute. After watching the rain, and relaxing for a few minutes, I went back inside and got Miss M’s raincoat. umbrella, and the camera. Miss M was so excited to wear her raincoat, as she had received it for Easter and still never worn it.

She ran out in the rain, protected from the water, and began splashing in the water and twirling her umbrella around. Then the rain began to slow, and the sun came out. The rain had only lasted about 10 minutes, but we were able to enjoy every one of those minutes. And this is the result:

A beautiful, happy girl, dancing in the rain and a happy mother who was able to stop and enjoy the precious moment. I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to dance in the rain with my daughter.