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Recipe to Grow a Plant

Miss M planting and growing peas.

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Witch Apple Stew

Miss M has been busy in the kitchen. When she’s not whipping egg whites for the waffles (her official job), she’s creating new recipes of her own. She wanted to share this one with everyone because it is so easy and delicious! 😉

Witch Apple Stew

First, you must cut an apple into small pieces with a spoon. Using a spoon is very important. We don’t want any trips to the emergency room, do we? Of course not! Spoon — got it? Good.

Choose a bowl, cup or whatever strikes your fancy. She’s not so picky about this step, fortunately. Fill it with about one cup of water. Then scoop your apples up.

Dump the apple bits in. That’s all there is to this step. Just plop them in!

Stir them. Fast. Watch them spin. You may cackle like a witch here, just for effect. You know, since it’s “Witch” Apple stew. Go ahead, give us a good cackle. It will really make your family wonder. . .

Next, add a couple pinches of cinnamon sugar.

Stir again.

Smell — delicious!

Spoon the apples into a bowl.

Pour some of the cinnamon/sugar water over the apples.

And grab another spoon since your cutting spoon is probably sticky with apple juice. Dig in and enjoy!


Witch Apple Stew

1 Apple (Fuji works well)

1 cup water

1-3 Pinches Cinnamon Sugar

Cut the apples into bite-size bits. Add apples to water and stir. Add cinnamon/sugar blend. Stir again. Scoop apples into serving bowl then pour cinnamon/sugar water over.

Note: The original recipe called for a Tablespoon of Dish Soap, which can be added if you prefer the taste.



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