Developing the new film

I finally had the time to develop the two test rolls I made with the cameras. I had picked up a kit of Ultrafine powder and it had been sitting around forever. When I finally had an afternoon with nothing to do, I mixed up all the chemicals and went down to the improvised dark room (laundry room) and pulled the rolls and set them on the spools and into the tank. Fortunately like a bike, it’s an easily remembered experience.

Once I had that done, I went up and developed the two rolls. I was nervous but following the directions gave me the proper results. Or so I thought. I had borrowed a film scanner of my brothers and couldn’t figure out why I was getting blue tones on all the negatives when scanned. So I pulled the Epson V550 and scanned them again. Thankfully they came out as they should.

Even the images from the Canonet turned out. Or at least the ones the sticky shutter didn’t ruin. So I present my first image from my new (old) hobby.