Removing the Socials

There is an odd reality we live in today. People like no other time in history have been able to self select a bubble of confirmation bias from which they live and gather all information. It is then fueled by a company who’s sole purpose is to use them to sell advertising. And therefore develop algorithms that will keep the individual on the platform as much as possible. The best way to do this is through controversy. Make someone upset about something and they will keep checking to see if their bias bubble has reported agreement with their ideologies. This has the detrimental effect of further isolating people from the peculiarities and often grey nature of the world in favor of bite size snippets of rage they can easily attribute to people they disagree with.

So what do you do when you have decided to no longer play that game? In the black and white, a person will often leave a parting post on the socials saying they are going away never to return. Quietly in a couple months they will be back. The reasons center around the idea of missing out. Which I’m quite certain is the design of the algorithm. If your friends are all on there, and information is being passed around there, you are forced into a game of having to also be there. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real for most of us.

It is altogether too easy to just try and quit cold turkey, or say we will only get on under certain circumstances. However, the realities of such are you keep coming back more and more. Having those groups you need to be involved with complicate the matter further. If the only way to transmit information lies on those platforms, you are forced to retain the account you so want to deactivate.

To a larger extent, there is a creative or life narrative quality about putting information on the socials for our friends and family to see. If we are honest, most of what is posted is done with the idea of getting approval from people who we hardly ever see and never talk to outside of the socials. But there is a need for that approval from random strangers that brings meaning to people’s lives. But what happens when that too becomes untenable? The restrictions of the platform, or the apparent bias in the way the socials act against your beliefs.. all of which present a desire to just quit and leave.

And yet there still remains that need to record what you are thinking. To document in some small way your life so something somehow remains long after you are gone. And so you look for other ways to record your thoughts and feelings in a way that can’t be taken down or pushed down by an algorithm.

Burn the socials. They bring nothing but misery and hatred. The small benefits are vastly outweighed by what they have done to the people. Get off as soon as you can. Find another way to express yourself. But get away and go live your life.