For the third time in history, the House of Representatives has voted to impeach the President. This won’t end well for them. If I was a betting man, they are going to lose badly in 2020 and Trump will still be President. I’ve watched or listened to this entire hearing while working. Were this any […]

Developing the new film

I finally had the time to develop the two test rolls I made with the cameras. I had picked up a kit of Ultrafine powder and it had been sitting around forever. When I finally had an afternoon with nothing to do, I mixed up all the chemicals and went down to the improvised dark […]

Canon Canonet

I’ve had a Canonet sitting around for a long time. When I bought it, I had to replace the light seals for it to continue working. Eventually, the shutter developed the sticky shutter problem so many Canonet’s suffer from. Unfortunately, I found this out while I was shooting a roll of film which borked most […]