My father

My father grew up poor. He moved from state to state for various reasons but the poverty remained. What he had was the long term desire to get out and do better. He graduated high school and went off to foreign lands with the Army and did some pretty amazing things most of which I know little to nothing about.But his greatest accomplishment was raising four boys to become reasonably responsible men.

My dad had an optimism that none could match. He always said the sun will rise tomorrow so don’t worry so much about today. You couldn’t help but respect that. He taught me so many things about life and unconditional love (even though I tried hard to not listen).

Often I find myself talking with friends or my children about something and the thought pops into my head how he taught me that one day while on a 50 mile backpacking trip. Just random things in life he quietly had a hand in teaching me. I’ve spent the 42 years of my life with him around. We rarely would go more than a couple days without talking.

It’s funny because you never really understand how much space a person takes up in your life until they are gone. And then suddenly the hole that is left by their absence feels like an abyss that will swallow you whole.

My father was a great man. He died today. And I will forever miss him.


For the third time in history, the House of Representatives has voted to impeach the President. This won’t end well for them. If I was a betting man, they are going to lose badly in 2020 and Trump will still be President.

I’ve watched or listened to this entire hearing while working. Were this any other person, this would have been thrown out so fast. But in this case, the hatred for the President has the Democrats trying to find anyways to remove him.

It won’t end well.

Shooting Nationals

I went down and shot the 2019 USPSA Hi-Cap Nationals with my limited gun this weekend. It was a bit of a trainwreck of a match. I have to comfort myself a little in that I just started shooting this division at the beginning of August.

This stage was the final of the match for me. We shot on the PM/AM/PM rotation and on the last day the wind picked up and was generally blowing around 22mph all afternoon which made shooting rather difficult.

All in all, I had a great time and will be shooting this division longer. It is really fun to get major scoring and have full magazines.

Developing the new film

I finally had the time to develop the two test rolls I made with the cameras. I had picked up a kit of Ultrafine powder and it had been sitting around forever. When I finally had an afternoon with nothing to do, I mixed up all the chemicals and went down to the improvised dark room (laundry room) and pulled the rolls and set them on the spools and into the tank. Fortunately like a bike, it’s an easily remembered experience.

Once I had that done, I went up and developed the two rolls. I was nervous but following the directions gave me the proper results. Or so I thought. I had borrowed a film scanner of my brothers and couldn’t figure out why I was getting blue tones on all the negatives when scanned. So I pulled the Epson V550 and scanned them again. Thankfully they came out as they should.

Even the images from the Canonet turned out. Or at least the ones the sticky shutter didn’t ruin. So I present my first image from my new (old) hobby.

Canon Canonet

I’ve had a Canonet sitting around for a long time. When I bought it, I had to replace the light seals for it to continue working. Eventually, the shutter developed the sticky shutter problem so many Canonet’s suffer from. Unfortunately, I found this out while I was shooting a roll of film which borked most of the film. I’ve still got it sitting around waiting to be developed just to see if anything is salvageable.

I did a google search and found Mike Eckmans website documenting how to fix the shutter. Figuring it wouldn’t be too difficult, I started in on it and was able to get the camera fixed again.