My Father

My father grew up poor. He moved from state to state for various

reasons but the poverty remained. What he had was the long term

desire to get out and do better. He graduated high school and went off

to foreign lands with the Army and did some pretty amazing things

most of which I know little to nothing about.But his greatest

accomplishment was raising four boys to become reasonably

responsible men.

My dad had an optimism that none could match. He always said the sun

will rise tomorrow so don’t worry so much about today. You couldn’t

help but respect that. He taught me so many things about life and

unconditional love (even though I tried hard to not listen).

Often I find myself talking with friends or my children about something

and the thought pops into my head how he taught me that one day

while on a 50 mile backpacking trip. Just random things in life he

quietly had a hand in teaching me. I’ve spent the 42 years of my life

with him around. We rarely would go more than a couple days without


It’s funny because you never really understand how much space a

person takes up in your life until they are gone. And then suddenly the

hole that is left by their absence feels like an abyss that will swallow

you whole.

My father was a great man. He died today. And I will forever miss him.