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  • The lonely battlefield

      “Are you willing to die on a lonely battlefield defending this position?” The sentence the kids have hear almost as much as “choices have consequences” in our home. In this day of instant access and instant outrage, it seems we have created a world in which we must fight every battle and right every […]

  • My Father

    My father grew up poor. He moved from state to state for various reasons but the poverty remained. What he had was the long term desire to get out and do better. He graduated high school and went off to foreign lands with the Army and did some pretty amazing things most of which I […]

  • Thin threads

      July 17 1990, I was 13 years old and enjoying summer vacation before starting 8th grade. I walked into my house and my brother was on the phone talking with my father. I told my brother I wanted to talk with my dad when he was done. After a few minutes, he handed the […]